Indigenous Plants and Pest Plants around Port Phillip

(reproduced from publications of Frankston City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council,

former Sandringham City Council, Melbourne Water, and Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc.)


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Lists of indigenous and other foreshore plants for Bayside Municipality

Colour photos of 43 plant species, indigenous to land near eastern Port Phillip, particularly Mornington Peninsula and Beaumaris

Colour photographs of 30 species of pest plant around Port Phillip

List of Local Native Plants (Indigenous Plants), and illustrations of the Signature Plants of Beaumaris, Black Rock & Sandringham

Section on VEGETATION in Museum Victoria’s Port Phillip Survey 1957-63, by Dr J H Willis, Assistant Government Botanist

List of plants in the Gramatan Avenue Heathland Sanctuary, Beaumaris, indigenous there, and also a list of pest plants there

Introduction to examples of indigenous plants (written for the Mornington Peninsula but relevant around eastern Port Phillip)

Introduction to examples of pest plants on land around Port Phillip

Suggestions for replacement plants for pest plants

Overall numbers of 12 indigenous species on or in front of members' land as shown in the BCS Inc. Indigenous Flora Register

Indexed list of coastal plants, with colour photographs, on the Surf Coast Shire Web site, sortable by common & scientific name


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